Man licks doorbell for 3 hours (caught on camera)


Of all the things in the world to lick, a doorbell seems the least hygienic, as its one purpose is to be a place where people put their fingers. Fingers are very germy, you see, and now some of those germs live upon the tongue of one man who was caught on a security camera licking a California family’s doorbell.

Dungan and her husband were not home at the time, but their kids were. The woman told the news station she was alerted by the home security system that notifies them when there’s movement outside.

According to KION News Channel, the doorbell licker is one Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, who allegedly spent three hours giving the device a tongue bath in Salinas on Saturday morning. Dave and Sylvia Dungan, who own the now-sullied doorbell and the home it guards, say they spotted Arroyo thanks to their newly-installed security cameras, which alerted them to his movement.

“I thought, ‘Oh boy, that is just weird,’”said, Sylvia Dungan 

Anyway, nothing weird about this!