Drugs can have you ready to do anything, just to get high


24 year old Lance Hunter Rouse of Mississippi, and Melissa Michelle Smith are both under arrest following a police chase.

The two are suspects in a gas station robbery that happened on Friday December 28th in Bogalusa, Louisiana where the owner of the gas station was shot.

There is also a third suspect, a 17 year old minor who’s name has not yet been made public.

There are a lot of really crazy things about this story.

First: my wife knows the woman charged in this case who faces armed robbery and attempted first degree murder charges.

She used to play softball with her and tells me she has suffered from an addiction to meth for a long time. So quite possibly the others implicated in this crime could be drug addicts as well. And this crime could have been highly fueled by drugs. For drugs.

Still no excuse. A man was shot and from what I’ve heard has now lost his leg. And those charged will surely be getting at least 10 years each, if not more. No matter how much finger pointing takes place in the courtroom.

Second: The video evidence of this robbery is the most damning and also cold blooded video evidence I’ve ever seen.

Included are two surveillance videos of this robbery. And warning. These videos are pretty graphic.

In the second video, you can see the female suspect sitting there in the front seat as all of this is taking place. Pretty much unfazed by any of this. To me, that is pretty crazy.

What is also crazy is the car in the background at the pump filling up. Whoever is there and also inside of the that car in the backseat do absolutely nothing during all of this. Nothing other than continue to fill up and then leave.

I’m sure the shotgun blast had to be very loud. And yet they just sat back there like nothing was going on.

Then again, they could have been scared out of their minds. Thinking possibly they did not want to become involved and run the risk of possibly being shot themselves.

This is a crazy story and the video footage makes it just that much crazier. It’s almost like watching zombies. Or people possessed and not thinking clearly. All because of drugs. For drugs.