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Now this is starting to really remind me of prison. lol

I drew a lot of cartoons while serving time and also would have some of those cartoons accompany blog posts too.

Kind of reminiscent.

But this morning I’ve been up since 4 am. Who does that on a Saturday? Last night though, I went to this spa place with my wife. Maintained that Thuggish image of mine by getting a massage. lol Then went to dinner where if you rock with Kicking the Bo Bo, our Monday through Friday Podcast on Twitch, you’ve heard me talk about how everywhere I go, there’s a story that comes from it. And this time it wasn’t the person sitting next to me as it often times is. It was this waiter dude. Who reminded me a lot of what certain types of prisoners are like.

Definitely wanting to share that story with you all. And will be making a video about that today. And I took LOTS OF NOTES on my phone while witnessing this guy operate.

I mention all of this to you to get back to the original point. Getting up at 4 am this morning…

And surprisingly I’m full of energy. That’s actually somewhat of a first. And maybe it was the massage that helped me to feel better.

Who knows.

But since being up all morning, I’ve gotten some things done. Worked on some cartoon orders for AWESOME FOLKS MAKING CARTOON PURCHASES at our APS STORE!!

And I also whipped up this cartoon as well. Ol Billy Cosby…

Looking sad.

Hashtags for damage taken.

Looking like he’s been through some things already. Which according to reports, HE HAS BEEN!!


But I share this cartoon with all of you with the promise that I’ll continue to post new cartoons often here. And hope these become something you might enjoy! And look forward to seeing.

Also, special shout out to Mike The Cop! I just did an interview with him yesterday for his channel. And look forward to seeing how that all came out!

Have a great day APS! And enjoy the weekend!

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