Angola Prison Visitor Arrested After Contraband FOUND...


Could this story correlate with the new policies Virginia Prisons are trying to put in place?

22 year old Brittany Alexus was arrested at Angola State Penitentiary in LA. after a “new body scanner” detected contraband hidden on her, or “in her…”

Not a lot of details about that part of this story.

But it’s crazy to think that here is this 22 year old woman, trying to be that “ride or die” type of chick for someone on the inside serving time. And instead, she runs slam into a “road block” of sorts at the prison…

She probably had no idea about this “new body scanner” thing being used. And now, she is in all sorts of trouble.

And probably is going to end up as a felon because of this.

The story goes on to say that when guards questioned the 22 year old about what it was she was “concealing” she immediately high tailed it out of the prison and then to her car where it says the PRISON’S SHAKEDOWN TEAM searched her vehicle and discovered water bottles with false bottoms containing more than 58 grams of synthetic weed.

First of all, I ask you, DOES A PRISONS SHAKEDOWN TEAM HAVE THAT SORT OF AUTHORIZATION to search someones vehicle?

This happened on state property, so probably so.


Is this the same sort of thing that is being implemented here in Virginia where woman are no longer allowed to wear TAMPONS TO VISIT..?

Let me know what you think and also any other information you might have in relation to this story.

Joseph Guerrero II1 Comment