Some Prison Sentences Don't make No Damn Sense


Unfortunately it’s everyday where there is some crazy prison related news I run across. And this story is just that. SOME CRAZY PRISON RELATED NEWS!

Kendal Scheid, 24, A former University of Akron student who back in December 2016 fatally stabbed his roommate to death while he was drunk and because of some Arbys Fast Food, has just been granted early release from prison because he was A MODEL INMATE!!!

This guy served 10 months for MURDER!!!

Well, not actually murder according to the courts which allowed him to plead guilty to the much lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. And for that charge he was sentenced to 3 YEARS!!!

Hell, even if he served the full sentence, is that punishment enough?

I don’t honestly think so.

It’s crazy because as a part of his plea deal, he was required to serve at least six months before he could request an early release.


Looks like Ohio. Because that’s where this all took place.

All of this transpired from an incident back in 2016 when A little after midnight on Dec.3, Kendal Scheid and his roommate, Duncan Unternaher, began arguing after the two went out to grab some Arby's. The two allegedly fought about the Arby's and escalated to deadly levels when Scheid stabbed Unternaher in the chest during the fight, leading to his eventual death two days later. 

What the actual fuck? You killed a guy over an argument behind FAST FOOD. And you only end up serving ten months.

Any thoughts on this..?