Cooking videos from AfterPrisonShow that talk about prison cooking recipes and howtos for you to make at home!


Welcome back to the AfterPrisonShow Kitchen! Today we're going to show you how to make two different types of Chinese food meals in prison. And also show you how prisoners fry noodles while locked up! Hope you enjoy!

in this video, we make one of the most popular meals in prison out of ramen noodles and many different ingredients. This is super tasty and will fill you up for days in prison. Be sure to make it and tell us how it tastes!! Hope you enjoy the video!!
Today, we teach you how to make prison candy with some recipes we used to use from prison... These taste amazing and are very easy to make if you have ever wanted to make your own lollipops or peanut brittle at home!!! Hope you enjoy the video!!

In this video, we make a Ramen Noodle Mexican pizza one of Rabbits favorite prison meals he used to cook! May not look the most appetizing but the flavor and taste is amazing! Make one yourself and we hope you enjoy the video!!!

In this video, we get our first look at Rabbit in the prison kitchen cooking a prison meal. And he's not cooking alone. He's facing off against the loser of the last cooking challenge video that we did, Dave... Who will prepare a better prison meal? Hope you enjoy!
In this video, we start something new that I hope you will enjoy. A prison cooking versus series. Where people who have been locked up face off head to head in a prison meal cooking challenge. AfterPrisonShow meets "Chopped." There can only be one winner. Who is the best at making prison meals?
In this video, Dave and I cook a Ramen Noodle Prison Log. This was Daves favorite meal to make while serving time. And today, he shares with us how to make this meal. Hope you enjoy this video! And if so, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON LIKE A RAMEN SOUP FOR APS!!!

In this video, I'm going to show you 10 ways to cook ramen noodles in prison. These are ten different meals and other uses for these soups and in a lot of recipes in this video are prepared with very little else.

In today's video, we show you what prison meals you can get in prison for one dollar and ten dollars. You can see that even with one dollar prison meal it can still hold you over but sometimes you can go all out to have the best prison meal you can make for ten dollars....